About Us

Hello from Meghan and John Griffin!

Our story began  7 years ago in a Cosplay event held in Houston that brought together our love for costuming, comics, graphic novels, anime/manga etc. The bond between us has been amazingly strong since day one; we can feel it through every corner of our house as everyone who walks into here is greeted by an atmosphere steeped heavily within this genre’s spirit!

We found a lot of people searching so hard for themed items, especially their house. It was crazy how much they were willing to spend on matching bedding and curtains just the way we are. So we decided to start Birdyroom in order to make these enthusiasts’ lives easier by selling them all that at once with other decorating necessities like rugs and more!

We realized there is an entire market out there who loves decorations as much as us- but not everyone has time or money spare when it comes down deciding what matches best together. That’s why our company exists: To help you find your perfect theme without breaking the bank because let’s be honest, no one should have trouble finding things matched up.

Since childhood days, we all have been enthralled by the idea of having a room that represents who we are. Whether it was Disney princesses or superheroes, children dream about this special space where they can be themselves and escape reality for just an hour during their day. As adults, many turn to sports games decorating their bedroom with athletes or inspirational phrases as well as music themes from different genres like jazz in order to recreate what has always felt so comforting: home within four walls.

Birdyroom is the source for themed rooms. Our goal is simple: provide you with your best item while transforming your personal oasis into something better than anything you ever imagined – all at prices affordable for any budget!

With love,

Meghan & John